Leg Foot Massager Machine India JSB HF111 varicose veins
September 17, 2021

Leg Foot Massager Machine India JSB HF111

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Leg Foot Massager Machine India JSB HF111

Leg Foot Massager Machine India JSB HF111 Introduction :



The active lifestyle which we lead today keeps us on our toes but the effect of it is felt not just by our toes but the entire leg. Standing for long hours or sitting for the most part of the day leads to pain in our calves and knees. When it comes to our parents or grandparents, they too experience excruciating pain in their legs because of medical problems like varicose veins that affect the calves and the ankle area, arthritis that causes pain in knees, lack of blood circulation, and plantar fasciitis that affects the heel.

Along with medication, the pain caused by these problems can be alleviated to a great extent by massaging the legs in the right manner and this is where JSB HF111 leg foot massager machine for calf pain relief and knee heating plays an important role. It reduces the pain, swelling, and numbness in our legs and provides relief from all these woes without having to go out of the house.

Leg Foot Massager Machine India JSB HF111 Solutions

The JSB HF111 leg foot massager machine for calf pain relief and knee heating has features that help in providing relief from any kind of a pain in the knee, ankle, heel, and calf.

  • Facilitates blood circulation– JSB HF111 leg foot massager enhances blood circulation in the legs which work as a cure for a lot of medical ailments. It provides relief from problems like varicose veins, foot pain, calf pain, arthritis, diabetes, and knee pain by regulating the blood flow in the legs.

  • Airbag massage– The massager has an airbag kneading feature that provides a massage to the calf from all sides, improving blood circulation. The airbags take the shape of the calf muscles which releases muscle tension and gives relief from chronic muscle aches. Kneading airbags in the upper panel of the massager provide a similar massage to the knees.

  • Pain relief– Its kneading airbags effectively massage the knee, calf, ankle, and heel at the same time providing pain relief to the full leg. The knee massage is very helpful for people suffering from problems like arthritis which causes knee pain.

  • Heel pain– The scraping rollers in the sole area give a reflexology massage to the sole and heel which helps in providing relief in plantar fasciitis.

  • Hot massage– The infrared heating feature provides a hot massage to the knee and calf, giving relief from any inflammation.

  • Releasing muscle tension– The kneading airbags of the massager combined with its vibrating feature and scraping rollers in the sole area provide massage to the calf and ankle which helps in releasing muscle tension and in reducing the pain caused by plantar fasciitis.


The JSB HF111 leg foot massager machine provides calf, knee, ankle, and heel pain relief with its unique features.

  • This massager can be used as a knee massager also as the upper panel can be folded back up to an angle of 110 degrees for covering the knees.
  • It has 3 modes of vibration + 3 modes for kneading. The intensity level can be selected depending upon the pain in the affected area.
  • It gives maximum coverage as it massages the full calf area along with knees and thighs.
  • The infrared heating feature provides a hot massage to the whole leg right from knees to the ankle
  • The massager can recline up to 45 degrees facilitating a comfortable sitting posture while using the machine
  • The removable and washable fabric cover comes with a zipper and is very easy to clean.
  • The heavy-duty built massager has a leather finish premium exterior and its bright red color looks very stylish
  • It can be easily used by people with a height up to 5’6″ height. Above that height, this leg massager will not cover some part of upper calves
  • The master power button at the side of the machine is used to start the massager and the interactive control panel with adjustable strength in the center is very sleek.
  • The 15 minutes auto off feature turns off the machine when not in use


Suffering from leg pain or someone in your family is? Then JSB HF111 leg foot massager is what you need as the complete solution to the leg pain problems of everyone in the family. Pain caused by medical problems like varicose veins, arthritis, plantar fasciitis or diabetes can be reduced greatly by using this foot massager that works on all part of your leg right from knees to the heel.

 A massage from this calf, knee, heel and ankle massager gives you a refreshing feeling. It gives stress relief to strained muscles and rejuvenates the body. JSB provides a doorstep service to its customers and also provide on-site service for its products. The after-sale service team of JSB is as efficient and pro-active as the sales team, providing excellent service to customers.

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