Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush

Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush India

April 20, 2022

Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush India

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Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush India | Buy JSB HF129 on JSB Store

JSB HF129 Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush |  Buy On Amazon

Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush India

The brand-new iO technology incorporates vibrating bristles that vibrate in a micro-way with the dentist’s round brush head. This provides clean, fresh, and healthier gums in less than one week. So let’s read more about this JSB HF129 Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush

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About JSB HF129 Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush

Dental health can not only result from the right methods and techniques and equipment, but also from having the correct tools. Electric toothbrushes can boost anyone’s brushing efficiency and effectiveness

Electric toothbrushes come in a range of designs and include options like rechargeable batteries and charging cases. The two main types of electric toothbrushes are oscillating models and sonic ones, which can move in a variety of ways and at various speeds.

The ideal model is dependent on your individual preferences, your level of sensitivity to gums, and your budget. Certain models are able to vibrate at specific intervals within the quadrant, allowing you to brush to ensure that every part of your mouth gets the same attention. Dimensions of the head of your brush, its brushing options, and the type of battery are also factors to consider.

The electric toothbrush can be a significant investment and it is crucial to consider the JSB HF129 Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush the most crucial aspects before purchasing:

The finest Oral-B is always fresh and clean thanks to the revolutionary Magnetic iO Technology to provide a professional feeling and a smooth brushing experience. An upgraded A.I. and 3D Teeth technology to track.
Interactive Display provides important information such as customized brushing settings and greetings as you begin up and gives you the chance to be happy about the work well accomplished.

Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush

JSB HF129 Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush Features


I to track your habits of brushing across the front of your teeth, as well as the back of your teeth, leading you to the highest quality cleaning. Over 82% of the people who utilized the Oral-B Smart series saw a marked improvement in the overall health and overall health of their mouths.

Sensational Whole-Mouth Cleansing

Although electronic toothbrushes aren’t the most complicated devices, there are a few factors to take into consideration prior to buying one.
Sonic Toothbrushes The electric toothbrushes spin at a staggering rate of thirty thousand per minute. The speed of rotation is fast and removes foods particles, plaque and bacteria off the surface of your teeth, between them, and below the gum line.

Additionally, it creates an energizing and hydrating fluid inside your mouth that helps in eliminating bacteria even over the tips of the bristles. However there are those who do not like the sound of the sound, and certain people find sonic brushes to be painful for their gums.

Oscillating Toothbrushes

The electric toothbrushes rotate incomplete or partial circles which rotate in various directions. In both cases you’ll get at least five hundred strokes every minute, and sometimes more. Oscillating brushes work similarly to manual brushes, but they’re more effective at eliminating plaque bacteria, food, and particles in the tooth. However, they’re a little more challenging for the gums than brushes.

“Most dentists think that sonic toothbrushes perform better than oscillating brushes since they are closer to the instruments that dentists use. “Although there are many affordable electric toothbrushes available for sale. Most high-end brushes have rechargeable batteries and charger bases which can be used to create an upright. Some models are powered by normal batteries, making them ideal for traveling however they are generally less efficient than their rechargeable counterparts.

Battery life

It’s normal for an electric toothbrush will keep its charge for at least one week after recharge However, the JSB HF129 Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush will retain a charge for a longer period of time.


Dentists recommend cleaning your teeth for 2 minutes every day. A built-in timer that can shut off your brush after 2 minutes or make a sound to indicate that the time is over is the best way to meet this target.

Quadrant intervals

The function, which is standard is a rumble that happens every 30 seconds throughout the two-minute period of brushing. The vibration will signal you to change to an entirely new area of the tooth in order to ensure uniform coverage. The four quadrants depict the insides of upper teeth, as well as the exterior of the upper teeth, inside those lower teeth, and on the outside of lower teeth.

Pressure sensor

Many people clean their teeth with too much force, and this can cause gum damage. JSB HF129 Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush Dental brushes equipped with sensors that detect pressure will stop when you are pushing too hard and will return after you let it go.

Types of brush heads

The most popular brands of electric toothbrushes offer a variety of brushes that work together with their brushes. Alongside standard brush heads, it is possible to find brushes to be used for those with sensitive teeth or orthodontics, and also for extra bleaching, additional brushing, and numerous other.

Brushing modes

The standard setting may suffice for the majority of people, there can also be electric toothbrushes in the JSB HF129 Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush various settings including sensitivity, massage, and whitening.

Superior Gum Protection

Intelligent Pressure Sensor will turn red if you are brushing too hard while brushing correctly to safeguard your gums.

Revolutionary Real-Time Guidance

Artificial Intelligence Brushing Recognition enables 3D tracking, which monitors your brushing movements on the back and front areas of your teeth. 16 different areas of your mouth. The JSB HF129 Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush guides you to a thorough and complete cleaning.

Magnetic Charger

The brand new JSB HF129 Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush compact Magnetic Charger has stabilization by clicking in place and is able to charge for three hours in just minutes.

Other JSB HF129 Waterproof Hi-Technology Electric Toothbrush Features

Many of the top-quality electric toothbrushes are equipped with a variety of extras like apps to track your brushing habits as well as motion sensors, facial recognition, and bright light sources. Although these features are enjoyable, however, they may be unnecessary and could increase the cost of the device.

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